Dark as a womb

Geplaatst op: 29-11-2018
Schrijver: VrouwenWijs

I see her in the night of the full moon, in caves deep within the earth. I see her in the face of an old woman who has truely lived, in the tears of her past and the scars on her skin. In her wrecked back that carried to much, to long.

I see her in you. When you dance and seduce, when you gasp and moan of lust and pleasure. When you open up in full surrender. Grabbing and digging in Earth, clawing and catching deep roots of old, searching for the beginning. When you long to run, to feel untamed and unbound. While you sing your souls song of truth with an open heart and wide open eyes.

I see her when you fully expose yourself. To storm, to thunder, to the roaring of sky and fire. I see her in you when you scream in rage, in the terror that hunts you in your dreams. In your cries from the silence deep within. When you demand equality, for your voice to be heard. When you claim your power and pull her on like a cloak of dignity.

I see her when you bleed. Squatting. When you turn inward in silence, whispering words of mourning. For all the children that did not came and will not come. I see her when you carry a child, when the love grows so big it hurts. I see her in the hands of our foremothers, when they support and carry. I see her when you heal, care and cure. With a steady voice and strong hands. In the dark, secretly. Because you are too strong, too much.

I see her when you say ‘no’. Because you choose for yourself, your own direction. I see her in the power of your fire and in the fire with wich they wanted to burn and destroy you.

Howling she comes, in the night. From the deepest darkest realm. Serpents crawl around her arms, eyes shimmering with flames. Present but unwanted. Her path has never been straight, she is unpredictable as the sea. Too beautiful, too horrid. Like moon and seasons she grows, blooms and wanes. Elusive but of the Earth. She shines in the dark. Dark as a womb.



VrouwenWijs, 2018

Geschreven op een koude winterdag, voor alle vrouwen.

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